Perfect Accents for a Guest Room Makeover

by Stephanie Lynton
A visit to The DUKE and I by interior designer Stephanie Lynton leads to discovery of the perfect accents for her guest room makeover.

THE “TIBET ROOM” IS A GUEST SPACE I’ve designed for my home in Birmingham, Alabama. The inspiration for the room came to me when I saw some pictures on Pinterest of a Tibetan man and woman during the Khampa Arts Festival.

The jewelry they are wearing has been handed down from generation to generation for centuries. Coral, amber and turquoise are believed to bring good luck and to provide spiritual protection. These pieces are both family and cultural treasures. The colors and details captivated me immediately!

First, I painted the walls and trim the orange of a Veuve Clicquot label. The staff at the paint store thought I was bananas when I handed them the bottle (empty, of course, because I drank it) and asked them to color match the champagne’s vibrant orange label.

Next, I found the gorgeous amber and coral Zack + Fox fabric for the bedspread. It has the “dragon and phoenix” motifs, which you also see in the rug. The other side is sexy, soft leopard velvet. Then, I threw in one of my favorite fabrics of all time from Clarence House for the drapes. Ironically, it is called Tibet! I knew then that this room was meant to be.

Imagine how excited I was when I visited Santa Fe in July 2017 and met Irene and Randolph with all of their treasures! We were in town for Spanish Market, but I left with Tibetan treasures from The DUKE and I. The gray wool Tibetan textile and the silver Kuchi tribal bells are from their sensational concept store.

The beads in the picture are not from Tibet, but the amber beads and white trade beads are antiques that I bought in Santa Fe and strung myself, along with coral, turquoise, tribal and brass pieces I have picked up over the years. I can tell you from having put these strands around my neck that the pieces worn by the Khampa man and woman must weigh a great deal.

The gold and red tassels on the turquoise lamp are from The DUKE and I, and the wonderful Tibetan rug is also a treasured find from the store. The weave has the “dragon and phoenix” motifs just like the bedspread fabric. Those bright colors against the neutral background are a good balance.

My Khampa-inspired guest room will continue to evolve, and I will enjoy every colorful moment!

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