Simple Solutions to Everyday Needs

Transformations to Go

IN THESE INCREASINGLY BUSY TIMES we live in, simple solutions to everyday needs can be lifesavers!

Case in point: our new Multi-Top. This design transforms from Poncho to Draped Neck Top in a pinch, or from a Cardigan to a Tie-Front Tunic faster than you can spell CHAMELEON! Which is exactly what this multiple-personality top is.

We are positively sold on convertible items that perform double duty. The Multi-Top does even more, leaving everything to your ingenuity, mood, and most importantly… your needs.

At $95.00 retail, the Multi-Top is available in Black, Graphite, Hothouse Pink, and White in luxurious Rayon/Cotton/Spandex fine jersey.

Experience our new Concierge Service (CS), where we can assist you with any questions, advice, and/or purchases you’d like to make by phone. Contact us at (505) 982-6851, and it will be our pleasure to personally help you.

Stay tuned for our new online shopping experience, which is forthcoming. Just another way to further your experience with THE DUKE and I.

Actor/Painter Kat Sawyer perfectly models our Multi-Top, showing transformations into Poncho/Cardigan/Tunic/Shrug/Wrap.