Premiering at Santa Fe's Objects of Art Shows

Presented by THE Magazine

For the first time, THE Magazine, Santa Fe’s contemporary arts and culture publication, presents a Designer Showcase that will demonstrate the use of historic art and one-of-a-kind pieces in a modern interior. Santa Fe designers Irene Salas and Randolph Duke, of The DUKE and I, will curate selections from exhibitors’ collections to create a unique lounge that will demonstrate how objects of art can be beautifully integrated into any spatial design.

The Lounge will be open during show hours. Admission is free with the purchase of tickets to The Objects of Art Santa Fe.

Objects of Art
AUGUST 10–13, 2017
El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, NM
Featuring 70+ exhibitors, with material ranging from contemporary to historic, the show will include paintings, sculpture, fine art of all kinds, furniture, books, fashion, jewelry, textiles, and tribal, folk, American Indian, African, and Asian art – OBJECTS OF ART from around the world.

The Antique American Indian Art Show
AUGUST 15–18, 2017
El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, NM
View and purchase basketry, jewelry, textiles, kachinas, sculptures, pottery and more, from over 65 renowned exhibitors. When the world comes to Santa Fe for the finest in American Indian art, the best in historical art will be found at this flagship show.

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Blurring boundaries between fashion and home.

Randolph Duke Talk:


Thursday, August 17 at 2pm

Dubbed “Designer To The Stars” for his iconic and timeless creations worn by the most famous women in the world, Randolph Duke (of The DUKE and I) will share on how to hone your tastes, honor what you love, and find your own unique personal style!

Admission is free with the purchase of tickets to The Antique American Indian Art Show.

IN THE RAILYARD: El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, NM