Featured Artists at The DUKE and I

We are delighted to introduce you to some of the very talented artists highlighted in our store

Astrid Schumacher

clothing, jewelry, handbags, and one-of-a-kind designs

Astrid Schumacher is a Swiss born former fashion model who designs unique jewelry and fashion accessories deeply inspired by travel to India and Indonesia.

Astrid began her fashion career as a manager for Dieter Meier, the famous musician, conceptual artist and upscale retailer, at his En Soie stores in Zurich, Manhattan, New York and Palm Beach. Later, she worked in New York City for fashion designer Rubin Chapelle, whose designs adorn Sharon Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Her designs first caught the eye of New York City boutiques and it’s famous artist street markets,then spread thru Yoga Festivals. The word has travelled quickly. Astrid Schumacher Designs can now be seen in stores and yoga studios through out the United States and in Zurich, Switzerland.

Jadu Design by Gilda Meyer-Niehof

spiritual and artistic jewelry

Gilda Meyer-Niehof, creator and designer of Jadu Design, shares a lifetime of glamorous careers and travel in her spiritual and artistic jewelry. Goddesses from India, Christian crosses and Native American inspired chokers are just some of the eclectic elements in Gilda’s creative collections. Meticulously crafted and
ultra-cool, each Jadu Design piece is a work of wearable art. Raised in Germany, Gilda modeled in Paris and Milan, where she discovered yet a other talent as a photographic stylist. Adorning people and places is her passion, and she does it beautifully. For the past 20 years, Gilda has made her spiritual and physical home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Babette Hartman

handmade bronze and sterling silver jewelry

Babette Hartman’s background as a sculptor has influenced her approach to the conceptual and textural qualities of her work as a jewelry artist. Her pieces are fabricated in her studio in Santa Fe and are one of a kind works of art.

Collected throughout the United States, Japan and Australia, her pieces reflect her love of ancient civilizations and their symbolism. Her work connects us to the mysteries of the natural and spiritual world and has the power to inspire us in our daily lives.

Babette Hartman has dedicated her collection to the magical symbolism of the ancient world, reviving it and remaking it to meet the needs of the 21st century woman.

Each piece is handmade with the desire to beautify and inspire the wearer. She hammers, carves, torch patinas and solders to create her inspirational talismans.

Anne Marie Werner-Smith

pottery, fountains, saints

Anne Marie fashions beautiful hand-sculpted plates, embossed with antique doilies. She is also praised for her wonderful depictions of saints, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Her fountains are calming and serene, often used with her delightful frogs or turtles.

Peggy Lee Baker

boho chic jewelry

Local jewelry designer Peggy Lee Baker creates exquisite necklaces & bracelets made from natural diamonds, vintage and antique beads, fossilzed bone, & Tahitian pearls.