Randolph Duke

Randolph Duke is the former Creative Director and Designer of HALSTON, who achieved international recognition for his masterful resurrection of the fashion house and was considered by many to be the most influential and iconic name in American fashion. His triumph at Halston helped establish Duke as red carpet royalty with haute couture creations that became media events in their own right. Movie and television stars began to be remembered as much for their red carpet clothes as for their roles they played. Angelina Jolie, Hilary Swank, Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, Kim Basinger, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, and Barbra Streisand, to name a few of the innumerable celebrities Duke has dressed.

Always striving to address the ever changing and evolving world we live in, Duke blazes new frontiers of Design, Style, Beauty… and most importantly, Socially and Globally integrated, and highly conscious and sustainable platforms. Duke’s new businesses not only blur any remnant of any boundary between Business and Philanthropy, they defy and define at once, as a model for a new way focusing on both, always with his inimitable passion!

Irene Salas

With nearly 30 years of experience in the textile business, Irene Salas continues to expand her unique offerings. She started out by owning two successful fabric stores in California. Moving to Toronto, Canada, she created and operated a production company specializing in designing and producing soft home furnishings. From there, she was based in Mexico City, and imported linen and silk while continuing to build her design business.

Salas’ passion for textiles and design inspires everything she does: creating homes, creating soft home furnishings, and painting textiles. Her collection is filled with lovely, hard-to-find fabrics, linen tabletop, pillows, and aprons. There is also a great assortment of linen, silk, custom leather fabrics, and so much more. She also provides clients with custom orders for upholstery, cushions and curtains.

In 2012, Salas launched The Fabric Merchant & Company in Santa Fe where she built on her sought-after selections of fabric, vintage lace, trims, buttons, bolt ends, hand painted fabrics and other special items.

Randolph Duke and Irene Salas opened The DUKE and I concept store in May 2017 as an eclectic fusion of their combined talents. Located in the heart of Santa Fe’s historic Plaza district, their innovative retail experience is 3,000 square feet of welcoming space, housed in a romantic Pueblo-style Adobe.

World textiles, trims, and accessories burst into magnificent and highly relevant mash-ups of global style and border-defiant beauty. Furniture, décor, and accents abound in vignettes inspired by cross-cultural influences. Apparel is transformed into one-of-a-kind creations. Ready-to-wear items are hand-dyed, eco-printed, and embellished in unique trims from around the world.

Each room is styled to welcome guests into a special discovery shopping experience. Rooted at the intersection of fashion and textiles, inside The DUKE and I you’ll find home décor, eco-died fabrics, furniture, clay creations, vintage fanfare, lighting, jewelry, loungewear, gifts, and much more.

The DUKE and I is a veritable treasure hunt for the world traveler at heart. They’ve created an environment to encourage personal discovery through an inspired shopping experience that defies logic, awakens the senses, and stimulates creative imagination. There is truly something for everyone.

The DUKE and I

Santa Fe’s Premiere Concept Store Experience
Open Tue-Sun
320 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe NM 87501